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Striding into the future with new forms of energy

The energy transition will make or break the world’s energy, chemicals and resources businesses.

v We might not know exactly how the energy landscape will look in 10, 20 or 50 years’ time, but we do know that new forms of energy are crucial to completing the transition to a sustainable energy mix. We can’t keep relying on emissions-intensive baseload electricity. Increasing pressures on cost, efficiency and social license mean new energy is the only way forward.

How do we know this?
It’s already here and competing toe to toe with combustion power. We’ve been involved in thousands of new energy projects in wind, solar, hydropower, low-carbon hydrogen, biomass and waste to energy. And we’ve only had a glimpse of what new energy can do for the world.

We’re drawing on our experience to secure your future

We’re helping convert a crude petroleum facility to a 100 per cent renewable diesel operation. We’re building solar installations to power mine sites. We’ve helped engineer North Sea offshore wind farm structures, operated biogas plants in Australia, evaluated biomass facilities in Chile, studied a solar/gas hybrid plant in Austraila, and planned energy storage systems for renewables in the US.

We’re not wedded to any method for generating renewable energy and remain technology agnostic. We know there is no value installing a solar or wind farm without deep consideration for how the energy integrates with your plant. When you come to us, we’ll understand the entire picture and apply all our expertise to break down the complexity and select the right option for your business.

We’re investing in distributed energy systems

To generate electricity, solar panels depend on the sun shining and wind turbines depend on the wind blowing. This means electricity floods into the grid when the conditions are right, but output varies throughout each day. This is cause for concern for energy-intensive businesses. One solution is to use distributed energy systems. Over the past 20 years we have invested in, designed and implemented significant distributed energy systems. Our VECKTA joint venture with XENDEE will revolutionize the way microgrids and distributed energy systems are assessed, designed and deployed.

Electricity can’t do everything

Electrification and green electricity are central to the energy transition, but there are places electricity isn’t feasible. For those situations, there is low-carbon hydrogen. We’ve been involved in how our customers use hydrogen for decades. It’s already an essential ingredient in chemicals production and heavy industry. However, the drive to decarbonize is expanding the almost unlimited ways the world can use it. We’re across the entire low-carbon hydrogen journey as well as feasibility studies on how it can help decarbonize industries.

We also provide Waste to Energy solutions across all our sectors

Every year, 2.12 billion tons of waste is dumped globally. Regulations relating to landfill and waste export are changing. We’re addressing the problem by reprocessing waste into materials that can be used as solid, liquid or gaseous fuels for a range of purposes. We’ve taken on projects in the US, South Africa, Singapore, Qatar and Australia assisting with circular economy adoption and waste management.