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A change is coming

As the world’s population continues to increase, so does the demand for resources. And while we discover safer, more sustainable ways to fuel our lives, oil and gas still play vital roles.

v Our industry needs to be open to new ideas and thinking differently. We are rising to the challenge of the energy transition. And together, we’ll get there by connecting the dots in a different way.

We do every kind of offshore system

From subsea systems to fixed and floating structures, mega topsides and minimum facilities – we do it all. And with every facility we work on, we find new ways to address employee risk, capital efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our onshore experience crosses continents

We tackle customers’ concerns around water treatment, methane emissions and integrate renewables and low-carbon electricity.

LNG is the key to cleaner energy

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is key to supplying our global demand with cleaner energy. Our resource infrastructure and LNG process capability will help you make better decisions during project development. And once your facility is up and running we'll still be there, helping you operate it as safely and efficiently as possible.

100,000 kms of pipeline systems and counting

Connecting feedstocks to end users is essential but isn’t always easy. We’ve worked across mountainous terrain, swamps, permafrost and everything in between. We can help to plan your pipeline from the early stages of development – such as mapping, permitting and route planning.

Without the support of local communities, infrastructure developments can end before they even begin. We can help you manage multiple stakeholders during project development which in turn will deliver a successful system with a long-term social license to operate.