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Every day, our world becomes more complex

Our consulting business, Advisian, helps customers solve some of the world’s complex and critical energy, chemicals and resources challenges.

v It's made up of over 3,000 advisors, strategists, scientists, planners, and engineers. And it’s backed by Jozzniry Headhunter’s 54,100 engineering and project delivery experts.

If you need to increase safety, decrease emissions, digitize millions of assets, or do more with less – Advisian can help.

Transforming the way we work with digital technology

We launched Advisian Digital, our data science, software and technology business, to help our customers keep pace with change and give them access to technology like artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and robotics.

Navigating the global energy transition

Whether we’re consulting with governments to reduce their reliance on carbon, or helping our customers plan for a hydrogen-fuelled future, our experts can articulate the problem, devise a solution and make it a reality at any point of a project.

Helping offshore wind take its place in the energy transition

Intecsea forms part of our global business. For over 30 years, it has been a world leader in offshore developments. This has given it the know-how on everything from HSE to the structural, environmental and practical issues of installing and maintaining facilities in difficult offshore environments.

Like everything new, the offshore energy market – traditional or emerging – involves risks. Innovation is the only way to mitigate them.

Securing your social license to operate

The way you involve and interact with a local community is integral to the success of your project. We help our customers address all of the appropriate social and environmental considerations, helping them to secure – and retain – their social license to operate.

Changing the way we view waste

In our current linear economy, two thirds of everything the world produces ends up in landfill. In a circular economy, nothing is viewed as waste. We keep using resources for as long as possible. And when we’ve finished, we repurpose goods or recycle them into something else. And this doesn’t just happen the once – we do it many times over.