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Logistics made easy, with our help

Any slippage in the supply chain during project delivery can cost operators millions of dollars.

That’s why we use proven processes and systems to help our customers source, manage and deliver material and equipment safely and sustainably – to the right place, at the right time.

We’ve worked on some of the largest projects in the world. For example, projects with up to 70,000 vendor documents, and equipment and work packages in the billions of dollars. This has helped us fine-tune our approach to meet your needs at any point of the supply chain.

Project success is defined by local communities

We’ve adapted our procurement processes to make it easier to include local businesses and under-represented groups. We engage them before sourcing material to determine where they can participate. We provide training and development. And we right-size the sourcing packages in a way that gives local companies the opportunity to bid on work. Developing local skills and capabilities in a sustainable way helps the local community prosper, long after the project is complete.

Today's projects demand improved sources of supply

Our global sourcing hubs are crucial cogs in the Spring Well Group machine. They allow us to source equipment from across the world, no matter how bespoke or complex your project demands.

With visibility of the entire supply chain, our hubs analyze the total cost, distance and quality to find the right equipment and material. Our teams have close relationships with hundreds of suppliers, and they are as selective about who they work with as you are.

Trialing digital supply chain management on-the-fly

The digitalization of the supply chain has been on the oil and gas industry’s horizon for some time. But for many operators, the mass disruption from COVID-19 is accelerating their transition to digital. Nothing dismantles resistance to change quite like the need