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We use technology to not only think differently but behave differently, too

Digital transformation is changing every business. That’s why we launched Advisian Digital, our data science, software, and technology business. We created it to help our customers keep pace with change, use technology like artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and robotics to solve industry challenges and break down barriers to progress. To not only to adapt to change. To lead it, too.

There's a fine balance between managing investment capital and improving your business

New technology can help. But how do you know which ones will pay off? Everything we do in digital is governed by what we call the Digital Value Chain. We help you get to the point where you’re using technology to automatically collect the right data, make sure it’s trusted, and provide instant analysis. To get you to a decision or action that you wouldn’t have made before because that information wasn’t there.

Helping you meet the world’s changing resource and energy needs in a digital way

We’ve created The Data Refinery, a hub located in downtown Houston Texas, to develop machine learning and analytics applications for our customers. Its focus is to bridge the gaps between operations, data science and information technology. To help customers increase revenue, improve uptime, and reduce safety and environmental risks.

We'll find a solution. Or we'll build it.

To keep us at the forefront, we evaluate hundreds of new technologies a year. We then collaborate with technology start-ups or other organizations to connect known problems to known solutions. If a solution doesn’t exist, we create one.