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Some see today, others see tomorrow – we see both

We’ve been through change in power generation and distribution before, but nothing like what we’re facing today.

It’s urgent. At this rate, the world will miss the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and push the environment to the brink of irreversible damage. The energy transition is simply not happening quickly enough.

The challenge is no longer confined to power generators and utilities. The power sector is almost unrecognizable compared to how it was decade ago and the old dynamics are resigned to history. This is about to affect every company in the energy, chemicals and resources sectors.

The journey needs to begin today

For many of our customers, resource infrastructure is a large unknown filled with environmental challenges, insurmountable tasks and complex legislation. It’s our job to help uncover these unknowns and achieve your project goals with minimum risk. Our Advisian consultants are always on hand to provide advice. We’re also a trusted advisor to many global governments.

We have over 130 years of expertise in power generation and distribution projects with involvement in over 232,000 megawatts of new-build generating capacity installed worldwide. However, we’ve never seen volatility like this before.

We understand that it’s hard to make decisions about a critical input that isn’t always your core business. That’s why we’re helping our customers across the energy, chemicals and resources sectors leap from trepidation to the forefront of the energy transition. We have the expertise to fortify your business for a low-carbon future.

The whole picture matters rather than just installing wind turbines or a solar farm and trusting they will suit your operations. Time and time again we see the importance of giving a solution that properly considers everything from cyber security to social license

A critical first step is introducing renewables into the energy mix

We’re across every stage of this process: from advising on the feasibility of solar thermal installations in China, to constructing a remote wind farm in Africa, to upgrading a hydroelectric plant in Brazil. Renewable power is changing the world.

Low-carbon hydrogen is renewable power’s partner

Low-carbon hydrogen is the energy carrier that can reach places where electricity can’t. We’ve been involved in commercial applications of hydrogen for decades and now have the expertise to produce it, transport it, store it, process it and use it. We've also spearheaded large-scale feasibility studies exploring its role in the energy transition.

Our past success with energy storage systems

From installing a storage system to deliver clean drinking water in Oregon, to providing Toronto University with power resiliency, we have the expertise to store and distribute energy when you need it.

Taking out the trash – turning waste into energy

Imagine if we could turn our growing waste products into a source of clean energy. Here’s how we are turning that future thinking into a reality.

While new technologies emerge, gas is the steady hand in the energy mix

It’s integral to our evolution from carbon-intensive fuels to a future led by renewables. As a source of electricity, gas is far less emissions-intensive than coal, but can stabilize the grid as renewables fluctuate. We know every stage of combined-cycle power generation and its supporting technologies, with key roles in projects from Chile to Mozambique.

Combustion energy still has a role to play

We help our customers optimize their operations by undertaking coal plant transformations. This reduces their emissions and overall environmental footprint before they take the plunge into lower carbon options.

We also believe in a future that features nuclear power. Nuclear power offers reliable baseload power without emitting carbon into the atmosphere. We have a history of working across the spectrum of nuclear power projects, from project management and consultancy services to keeping plants running.

The energy transition and digital transformation go hand in hand

The future of power depends on how we integrate new technologies into energy dependent operations for complex heavy industries. We’re finding ways to get new, low-emissions options to work in industries that have relied on combustion energy for over a century.

Digitization is an essential tool in enabling this transformation. We’re well versed in using digital twins for our energy, chemicals and resources customers. Now we’re bringing them into play to increase the efficiency of offshore wind farms. We use technology to repeat engineering work we’ve done before and use data for predictive maintenance to make it as reliable and cost-effective as possible.

Above all, our future depends on a united effort to lower carbon emissions. Energy, chemicals and resources businesses that embrace the energy transition will continue to earn their social license and flourish long into the future.