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Certainty from start to finish

To deliver their energy, chemicals and resources projects successfully, our customers need a strong resource infrastructure service. But, problems can occur when people, process and the environment are viewed in isolation – or when a project calls for managing multiple interfaces.

v That’s why we began our resource infrastructure business: to provide a suite of supporting services where each one is an industry leader in its own right.

Thirty years later we’re still here, providing certainty to the part of a project which brings with it the greatest amount of risk.

Uncovering unknowns is the way to minimize risks

For many of our customers, resource infrastructure is a large unknown filled with environmental challenges, insurmountable tasks and complex legislation. It’s our job to help uncover these unknowns and achieve your project goals with minimum risk. Our Advisian consultants are always on hand to provide advice. We’re also a trusted advisor to many global governments.

Our success is our customers' success

Because we operate our resource infrastructure business within an energy, chemicals and resources company, we are uniquely placed when it comes to understanding our customers' challenges. We see the whole jigsaw, not just one piece of the puzzle. Working out how the system fits together, and how we can make it function more effectively is what motivates our people to go further.

Challenging industry norms and setting world firsts

Our approach enables us to produce more with less and smash industry expectations. We’ve helped refineries in Los Angeles use and waste less water. We transported the world’s first 3,600-tonne LNG module through the Australian outback. We saved one customer 40-50 per cent per tonne of installed capacity. And we have turned the traditional way of constructing ports on its head: by doing it dry and then flooding it afterwards – minimizing environmental damage and creating a safer working environment in the process.

Creating opportunities in countries where we operate

Making a positive impact on the local economy is a large part of resource infrastructure. That’s why we embed training programs and we plan for a better future. For a project in Kenya, we included how communities are impacted in the master plan. For projects in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Canada, we created a social impact management plan that encouraged indigenous people to participate. And we encouraged local companies to supply goods and services for the Hebron topsides project.