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Formulating the answers you can’t find anywhere else

Our customers are under pressure to deliver, develop, digitize and decarbonize. Every day, our tens of thousands of engineers are on hand to help them.

v We handpick talent from across the globe to deliver the most cost-effective solution. This means there are no geographical barriers to any engineering and design effort, from greenfield megaprojects to bespoke brownfield projects. We deliver millions of work hours through this model and we’re always improving the way we work.

We consider how everything fits together, from planning, detailed engineering and construction, operation and expansion, to decommissioning and reclamation. We ‘design one, build many’ wherever we can to drive down costs and improve quality. But when new problems land at our feet, we embolden our people to think and deliver differently.

The whole picture

The industries we serve are changing. However, our approach to engineering and design has always depended on understanding what our customers need and how that underpins the solutions we offer. Our philosophy enables our engineers to think about the lifetime of a project or asset, rather than just our deliverables. This takes shape through our Safe and Sustainable Engineering for Asset Lifecycle (SEAL) framework, which ensures we think about technical integrity, safety in design and sustainability in everything we do.


We're using digital twins, augmented and virtual reality to explore our designs in a virtual environment and make sure they perform in practice.


We’re using machine learning and robotic process automation for pipeline design, drawings and cross-referencing critical information that entire designs depend on.


The Data Refinery is helping us explore how artificial intelligence can improve the quality of our designs.