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The world is facing the challenge of an era

Many of our customers operate aging assets in mature markets. They face declining production rates and the continued pressure on commodity prices. If you combine this with the drive for low-carbon energy, running a profitable operation can become a challenge.

v Our integrated approach to Maintenance, Modifications and Operations (MMO) reduces risk and costs and removes uncertainty from your projects and operations. We help our customers to deliver greater volumes for longer and operate in cleaner ways than ever before, achieving potential project cost savings.

We work as one team with our customers and our supply chain to provide clear accountability. And our single delivery contract reduces interface challenges.

We think, we plan, and then we deliver

Our enterprise management system (EMS) enables us to deliver work on a global scale. And thanks to our blueprint for efficient projects, we drive down costs, remove unproductive processes and create an environment where our people are free to think differently. The result? Over $3bn worth of bankable benefit delivered to our customers over the past 10 years.

One size rarely fits anyone. But standardization can amplify returns.

Projects come in every shape and size. And thanks to our flexible execution models, we can adapt to meet the complexity and risk of any given project. These models aren’t purely theoretical: they also deliver concrete results. They have enabled us to reduce work-hours, deliverables and costs for our customers. And build long-term relationships in the process.

We’re pioneering new tactics and technologies

Our project delivery system, Integrated Delivery Modules (IDM), harnesses the power of project data by harmonizing countless data sources with a single source of truth. Time after time, IDM is leading to predictability, efficiency and agile delivery.

Thanks to SCRUM tactics, we recently saved 44 weeks on an initial 60-week schedule. Another project saw average savings of 25 per cent on engineering response time to all site queries.

Our tools like Requis, SaltGrid and Carol are delivering tangible benefits to our customers. Where beneficial, we also use digital twin technology. This transforms the connection between our office and site teams, with real-time insight at the swipe of a finger.

Building the platforms for progress

Scaffolding keeps people safe, makes sure schedules are met and can even lower costs. But it must be built right, because work can’t be completed without it.

We’ve taken the learnings from thousands of projects to launch our own scaffolding service for construction and maintenance projects. Rather than entire sites depending on a third-party to build scaffolding, we construct our own. This delivers cost, safety and schedule benefits directly to our customers. From start to finish, the process is flexible and transparent.

We believe the best is yet to come

We have 45+ years of brownfield experience, but we still have room to develop. If the years since the recent oil price crash have taught us one thing, it’s that when talented people come together to tackle an issue with ruthless focus, there’s no telling what they can achieve.