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Global expertise and unique capabilities in construction management

Our construction management services yield the greatest possible benefits to our customers.

v Whether it's pre-construction, constructability or safety processes, we have established ourselves as a world leader in construction services.

Our experience spans from the Arctic conditions in Alaska, Canada and Russia to the unique challenges presented by the desert settings of Saudi Arabia and Australia. These extreme environments require expertise to design and build safe, cost-efficient facilities which have minimal infrastructure – a scarcity of skilled labor and long logistics chains.

The key to our successful history in construction is flexibility. Not constrained by any company model, we consider each opportunity a standalone effort, which requires a unique approach to the construction of the project. We understand that every project faces a unique set of challenges and changes, and provides our customers with the confidence that we can adapt to a changing environment.

Modularization solutions

We have a long history of using modularization, providing modular construction solutions to solve the challenges associated with our customers’ projects. Through modularization we:

- reduce overall total installed cost
- deliver cost and schedule certainty
- remove work from hostile/extreme environments
- minimize disruption to existing brownfield operations.